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SASKATCHEWAN PEOPLE are special. The honesty, work ethic and stubborn perseverance that propelled those who came before us to turn the wild prairie into one of the most prosperous areas of the country remains today. It is evident in the WORK PLACE; it is evident in our ATHLETES.

We are TOUGH. A toughness that made a boy from Floral, the most feared, respected and greatest hockey player of all time.

We are RESILIENT. A resiliency that took a prairie boy from one of the flattest regions imaginable to the top of the snowboarding world.

We are DETERMINED. A determination that allowed a young, small town girl to become the greatest female hockey player the world has ever seen.

We are PROUD. A pride that fills stadiums across the country with green and white.

We are KIND. A kindness that allows a population of about 1 million to consistently raise upwards of 5 million dollars at a single telethon, year in and year out.

We cheer each other in victory and support each other in tragedy. We are FAMILY. We are ONE.

It is these core values that Good Sasky Apparel Co. is built on. Enjoy!


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